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Getting Here

Rental Property booked, now you need to arrange to get there


We are not a travel agent, however we can offer you ideas on flights, car hire, but we can arrange airport transfers on your behalf via a local transfers and tour company.

Pac4Portugal Flights


For many years ourselves and clients have used


This website allows you check flight prices on a given day or find the cheapest during a month.  Many people do not realise that they do not have to book their return flight with the same airline and thus are missing out on potential savings.

 Getting Here-Pac4Portugal Car Hire
 Getting Here-Pac4Portugal Private Airport Transfers

Car Hire

We no longer work directly with any one company, but we know clients have good experiences with AutoRocha, even better is they use them year after year after the first time! 


Pac4Portugal AutoRocha
Airport Transfers

The companies we use delivers the same "Personal Service, Local Knowledge" and can cater for all your needs throughout your holiday.


We know that you have arrived safely as they always contact us to say you entered the property 

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